Practice Areas

Divorce and Family Law.

We represent our clients in their most personal struggles with patience, understanding and care. Every attorney at Sunshine & Feinstein excels in all aspects of family law and divorce proceedings. We have represented countless individuals and families in their time of need and are committed to achieving outcomes that are not only fair and equitable, but also vehemently protective of children. We pride ourselves on seeing situations clearly and offering the best advice and representation imaginable under such stressful circumstances. Maintaining balance in family life is core to our philosophy.

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Situations arise in business every day. It’s the nature of the beast and most often companies are equipped to handle most incidents. There are times, however, when issues ranging from seemingly innocuous to immediately severe threaten to derail even the most stable organizations. Sunshine & Feinstein maintains close and consistent contact with its corporate clients to ensure that we have a working knowledge of their business activities at all times. This allows us to foresee and handle issues before they spiral out of control. Many clients describe us as their “silent partners” in the business because of this philosophy.


Sunshine & Feinstein attorneys have a deep understanding of the complex issues surrounding corporate and civil litigation. Our strength comes in avoiding potentially costly and destructive litigation due to the time and attention we devote to every aspect of our clients’ personal and business lives. There are times, however, when litigation is unavoidable. In times such as these, our firm provides aggressive and thorough counsel to ensure the most successful outcome possible.

Real Estate.

The primary driver of the Long Island economy, the region in which most of our clients work and/or reside, is largely driven by real estate. Several of our clients have amassed impressive real estate portfolios. As such, Sunshine & Feinstein has developed a particular specialty in this arena from residential and commercial investments to land use, leasing and development.